Edith Anne Hamlin (1902-1992)

Edith Anne Hamlin was born in Oakland, California in 1902.  She grew up in Santa Cruz where she accompanied her father Charles Hamlin on sketching trips and later studied at the California School of Fine Arts and then at the Teachers College at Columbia University, New York.

In the 1920’s Hamlin kept a studio in San Diego.  A trip in 1930 to Taos, New Mexico gave her new inspiration and would influence her work thereafter, most prominently in her landscapes.  In 1933 she married artist Albert Barrows and they divorced in 1936, after which she began a commission to do Murals for San Francisco’s Mission High School.  Soon after she married Maynard Dixon and they moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1939.  It was there and in Utah that Hamlin and Dixon painted western scenes until his death in 1946.

In 1951 she married Frank K. Dale, eventually she returned to San Francisco where she painted for the rest of her life.


Leon Rene Pescheret (1892-1971)

An illustrator, watercolorist and etcher born in Chiswick, England.  Pescheret learned the art of one-plate color etchings in Belgium and at the time was believed to be the only etcher in the United States applying that method.  His work appeared in the magazine Arizona Highways.  He died in Tucson, Arizona.