Old Plains Miniature Wood Pipe and Stem

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Old Plains miniature carved pipe and stem.

This appears to be a early miniature Sioux pipe and stem from the 1910-20 period. The stem has a carved and painted turtle and the pipe is carved very nicely out of catlinite. The bottom is signed by the artist.

A custom mount comes with the objects.

Rare 19th Century Native American Beaded Fire / Octopus Bag

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19th Century beaded Fire bag. Here is a very rare 1850 beaded bag that is commonly referred to as a Fire or Octopus bag. The bag has amazing floral beaded designs with tiny beads on both sides. Custom table and wall mount included.



Rare Northern Plains Beaded Necklace Medallion

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Rare Northern Plains region beaded necklace medallion.

Here is a rare man’s medallion likely from one of the Blackfeet bands. The center of the medallion has some type of stone or glass set in the center.