Mission Basket

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Mission Basketry Jar

Apache Cradleboard

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Apache Cradleboard

Circa 1900

Height – 19″   Width at top – 8 1/4″

Bent willow stick forming the frame with wooden slats in the back. Hide covers frame. Sunshade is made up of very thin stick/reeds and covered with cloth. Rip in the top of cloth. Inside is a cloth doll (no facial features)and wrapped in a cotton trade blanket.


Nez Perce Cornhusk Bag

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Nez Perce Cornhusk Bag (pouch)

Circa 1920

Height – 3 1/4   Width – 1 3/4″

Unusual Nez Perce Cornhusk Bag with leather upper and draw string


Rare Yurok Eel Basket Trap

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Rare Eel Basket Trap

Circa 1900

Height – 18″  Width – 20″ &  25″

From the Collection of John Dewar

He was the Curator of the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History and the Southwest Museum. He was born in Pasadena, CA and lived in the Los Angeles area until he retired and moved to Patagonia, Arizona and passed away in 2004. John Dewar traveled to northern California around 1935 and collected ethnographic items from the Native Americans there – primarily the Yurok. Most of his ethnographic collection was given to the Southwest Museum in 1941. I purchased this and numerous other items from his estate here in S. Arizona.

Written on one of the basketry rods “Yurok Eel Trap Bought from Henry Pilgrim, Kalmath N. Calif Aug 1935 $2.50 Holds 80 Eels.

This is a very rare Utilitarian basket, as eels were a highly sought food source.

Minor damage – numerous broken rods  – white area could be waterfowl (Heron?) droppings.