Large Northern California Twined Basketry Bowl

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Large Northern California Twined Basketry Bowl

Pitt River Tribe – NE California

Circa 1900-1920

Diameter – 12 1/4             Height – 7″


Mexican Santo in Wooden Nicho

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Mexican Santo in Wooden Nicho

Circa late 19th Cent.

Height –  10″ w/Nicho 14 1/2″       Width – w/ Nicho – 6 1/2″

Arms are articulate with cloth t the elbow joint. Some damage to hands

From collection of John Dewar

He was the Curator of the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History and the Southwest Museum. He was born in Pasadena, CA and graduated from the College of Mexico City in the early 30’s and then moved back to the Los Angeles area to begin his job as curator. He also traveled to the Hopi Pueblos and over to the Santa Fe area in 1934 and then up the coast of N. California around 1935. Most of the items he collected there were Yurok, although most of his ethnographic collection was given to the Southwest Museum in 1941. After he retired he moved to Patagonia, Arizona until he passed away in 2004. Fifteen years after I bought my first item from his collection (a classic late 18th Cent. Saltillo Serape), I bought the remainder of his collection, which included this Mexican Wooden Santo in the Wooden Nicho.



Old California Indian Bottleneck Basket

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Old California Indian Bottleneck Basket

Circa 1900-20

Height –  3 1/2″    Diameter – 6 3/4″  Mouth diameter – 3 1/8″

Finely woven California basket (probably Yokut) with yarn (red-pink) woven into rim

spi – 22+  cpi – 10


19th Century Plains Beaded Bag

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Plains beaded bag.

Probably Arapaho

Beaded on harness leather

Length – 7″        Width – 3 3/4″

Circa 1890

Custom mount


Large 1880-90 Hopi Jar

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Early Hopi Jar

Circa 1880-90

Diameter – 13 1/4″     Height – 9″

Minor crack on top