18th Century Spanish Colonial Suit of Leather Armor

Catalog #148

Cuera  (Hide Armor)

Arizona/New Mexico/Mexico

Ref. Segesser Hide Painting II displayed at the Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe,NM

Reproduction of Segesser II Hide Painting depicting battle on display here at gallery

Similar to ones worn on the Villasur Expediton out of Santa Fe in 1729. The Spanish were defeated by the Pawnee and Otto under French Rule and was the first battle for the Spanish against firearms in the New World.

Ex. Pete Kitchen Museum

Displayed at the Arizona State Museum in the Many Mexico’s exhibit 2010-2012 and the Palace of the Governors – Cowboys History Museum exhibit “Cowboys Real and Imagined” 2012-2013


On Loan to the Bullock Museum of Texas History in Austin, Tx