Three Plains Indian Shell and Bead Necklace

Three Plateau/Plains Dentalium Shell and Beaded Necklace


  1. Length – 11″ made of glass trade beads, dentalium shells and a large mother of pearl shell
  2. Length – 17″ made of dentalium shells, Russian cobalt(some faceted) glass trade beads and some semi translucent glass or quartz beads
  3. Length – 14″made of glass trade beaded, dentalium shell and small oval shell with hole at the bottom



Collected by Rev. William Smith Simpson-Atmore (1863-1943). Missionary in Arizona Territory. Artifacts were donated to the Washington Public library in 1964 by Mrs. Emily Powis Simpson-Atmore, the widow of Rev. William Simpson-Atmore. Although the Rev. spent most of his time in the SW- Arizona and New Mexico, these necklaces ended up in his collection. They were primarily worn in California and the Pacific Northwest.