Navajo Wearing Blanket

Navajo Wearing Blanket


Navajo Transitional Wearing Blanket  circa 1880-90    Size – 50″ x 67″

Handspun Wool – White/Dark Brown natural  Orange/Red aniline dyes. The maroon is probably aniline, but hasn’t been dye tested.     Warp of different colors –  white,  grey and some maroon/white recarded handspun wool.

In the center of the serrated diamond is a maroon cross with a natural indigo band.

As on some wearing blankets there is a twisted warp fringe on one end.

Whipping on the side selvedge is made of handspun wool – a small amount of orange, but mostly a maroon/white recarded wool and handspun indigo.

Damage to both ends and minor damage to center.  All is definitely repairable.

This blanket appears to have been worn and not just a trade item.

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