Northwest Coast Wood Totem Pole


Northwest Coast Wood Totem Pole

Northwest Coast Wood Totem Pole

Early 20th Century

Height – 14 1/2″

Gold Seal on back saying “Gifts of Character Berrys Arts and Crafts Shop- Seattle”

It was in Alaska while serving as gold miner and hunter in Dawson and Fairbanks (1904/05 – 1912) that Berry was seduced by the cultural stories and artistic expression of the Northwest Coast Native American tribes, as well as the lure of gold in the region and pre-glacial fossilized walrus, mammoth and mastodon ivory. These influences were melded into his exquisitely elegant copper wares created during his time in Juneau, and would continue to distinguish his designs in Seattle, Washington sold out of “BERRY’S ART & CRAFT SHOP” from 1918 until his death in 1949.

Minor chip on beak of eagle on top.




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