Early Hopi Polacca Pictorial Bowl

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Early Hopi Polacca Pictorial Bowl

Circa 1850 or earlier


Collected by Rev. William Smith Simpson-Atmore (1863-1943). Missionary in Arizona Territory.

Diameter –  6 3/4″              Height – 3 3/8″



Acoma Pueblo Pottery Jar By Lucy lewis

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Acoma Pueblo Pottery Jar

By Lucy Martin Lewis (c.1898-1992)

This is a beautiful thin walled jar with a great geometric pattern.

The condition is excellent with only minor flaws.



Rare Northern Plains Beaded Necklace Medallion

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Rare Northern Plains region beaded necklace medallion.

Here is a rare man’s medallion likely from one of the Blackfeet bands. The center of the medallion has some type of stone or glass set in the center and red trade cloth on outer edges.  Custom mount.


Diameter – 3 1/4″



Seri Collection

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I have recently acquired the large personal  collection of Anthropologist William Neil “Seri Bill” Smith, Jr. who was born in 1920 in New York City and moved to Tucson, Arizona at age fourteen. He attended the University of Arizona from 1939-42 and 1946-48, studying under Byron Cummings and Edward Spicer. From 1945-1967, Smith made many extended ethnographical field trips to Sonora, Mexico, to study the Seri Indians at Desemboque and Tiburon Island. His research included lifestyle, customs, language, genealogy, kinship, and cultural changes due to the influence of outsiders. Smith’s personal Seri Indian collection was assembled while doing his fieldwork. The collection consists of over 600 objects covering all aspects of Seri life. Most of the objects were collected from 1947-1951. University of Arizona Special collections holds 24 linear feet on Smith’s archives and photography. “Seri Bill” wrote many publications throughout his career and wrote a book with artist Ted Degrazia titled, The Seri Indians; a primitive people of Tiburón Island in the Gulf of California. Degrazia illustrated Smith’s personal Santos in the book, which are part of the collection.