Chiricahua Apache Fiddle

Chiricahua Apache Fiddle


Chiricahua Apache Fiddle

Collected 1901-1903 in Oklahoma.

Very rare pictorial painted effigy Chiricahua Apache Fiddle and Bow. Collected by George Newlove (the Army Doctor and Surgeon) at Fort Sill, Oklahoma between 1901-1903.  As opposed to most Apache Fiddles that were carved from Agave stalks that grow in the Southwest, this one was carved and hollowed out of wood, as I don’t believe there were agaves in Oklahoma. Both the fiddle tuner and top of the bow have parrot head effigies with a metal seed in its beak.   Provenance is available including a copy of the original photos (which I have) of Dr. George Newlove in uniform, a photo of Fort Sill with his wife (Jean Newlove) riding a horse with a friend outside of the fort, and a photo of his wife with an Apache baby in a cradle. This was during the time period that Geronimo was imprisoned there. Per the family’s provenance, Geronimo used to bang on the kitchen window of their quarters and scare Mrs. Newlove, as she was known to be a good cook, and then she would give him baked goods. Numerous items were given to George Newlove as he took care of both soldiers and Native Americans alike. This was part of a larger collection that I purchased, including the High Top Moccasins, signed by Geronimo and other objects.   Fiddle Length 21″ Width 7″.  Bow Length 21″. Custom mount.

Bow and fiddle both have parrots carved and painted.  Provenance is available.  Fiddle Length 21″ Width 7″.  Bow Length 21″.

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