Santee Sioux Pipe Bag

Santee Sioux Pipe Bag


Santee Sioux Pipe Bag circa 1985-90. Fully beaded in curvilinear floral patterns. This is a great bag. Unlike most Santee beaded items, which are partially(openwork on leather), this one is fully beaded. The only one I have ever had. Both sides have a completely different design element in different colors. Quilled slats at bottom in red, green and yellow with leather fringe below. Beaded around top opening in trans pink/red and dark/light blue. Wonderful custom mounts that will swivel around so you can display both sides. Minor quillwork damage (can be restored), top of bag is a little stiff, but this a great example of an Eastern Sioux Bag.

Width 5.5″. Length without fringe 22.5″, length with fringe 33″.

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